Fighting Nature

While taking my daily morning shower I was thinking..

Thinking about the fact that us humans are spending so much time fighting nature. If I clean my shower because mould us starting to appear, what I am actually doing is trying to get nature out of the house again.

For most people much of their time is spent paying a mortgage or rent for a house to live in. Before that house was built, the site had to be cleared of anything growing there. Pushing back nature to forge ourselves a spot on the planet. And once the house is built, we spend time weeding the gardens, sweeping the pathways, mowing the lawns. Continiously pushing back nature. Inside the house, not much is different. We clean the floors, vaccuum clean, scrub the shower, dust the furniture. The dust and dirt ends up in the waste water or in the waste bin, expelling it from our houses.

But what is nature?

Are we not part of nature ourselves? And the houses we build? And the products that we make? Even plastic, which essentially is oil that has been processed by us, is essentially a natural product as oil is made up out of organic matter. Glass also.. It is made of sand..

Nature is essentially a term that is used to define everything but with the human race and all the products it makes excluded. But the term lets people believe there is a clear distinction, whereas really there is none. It alienates people from what they do to their surroundings as we can make a clear distinction in our minds between Nature and Us.. Implying there is no real impact from Nature to Us.

Perhaps peoples like the Aboriginals and the American indians are actually on a better track than us “Developed” Western Societies. We seem to have lost the connection somehow.

Does it really matter? We are an infinite speck in the universe. Who is going to notice when the planet is uninhabitable for the human race? Should we just go hard and see where it leads us?

Who’s got the answer? Probably no-one..    Tss.. Typical..


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