Starting the Blog Rambling

All right..
Let's see how this Posterous stuff works..
It says it's kinda of a blog but then it connects to many other services on the web.
Kinda linking everything together in one foul swoop. I like it..

The main reason to starting this "Blog" is I guess the same reason why so many people start a blog.
They think about stuff and they want to write those thoughts down. Like you used to do in a diary..
But now the possibility exists to share it with everyone who wants to read it.
I like the idea of sharing thoughts..
In this ( TED talk the gentlemen explains how Specialism, Communication and eventually the "mating" of ideas leads to innovation..
In other words, it is important to share thoughts..
Now, I am not the world's best communicator by any standard.
That's why keeping a Blog, an online diary, is a very interesting alternative.
One can think about how to say certain things before actually sharing it.
It is a kind of filter that makes sure you think about what you share.
Of course, the old principle of garbage-in, garbage-out still is valid as it is no recipe for success. but it helps..

I intend to once in a while post messages to this Blog about thoughts that have been mulling around in my head.
They are generally thoughts about general life..
Thoughts that all of us have.
As I progress through the process of growing older I come to certain realisations.
Just today i came to the realisation that these realisations are things that people like my parents and generations before me have told me but I never really realised what they meant. The old process of learning through own experiences. How sad it is that every one person has to go through years of learning and experience to get to that same point that their parents already were, only to be too old to do anything with it but to have offspring of yourself. Thus starting another cycle all over again..

Life questions.
Who am I?
What am I doing here?
They are questions that all of us have to deal with.
Some think they have the answers, some pretend to know, but I am convinced that nobody knows…


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