Assembly and Disassembly of Smallest Denominator Element solves most of our problems..

So there is lots of rubbish out there right? We put at least a bag a week at the kerb and that just goes to landfill. Depending on what’s in it, it stays there for years, if not decades or centuries..

As I am a firm believer of the fact that everything in this universe is made up out of something “universal”, ie. you can break down anything to the smallest element and end up with some part or whatever that is the same for everything, I believe there should be a way to convert rubbish back to this Smallest Denominator Element. A hard core way of recycling..

(For the sake of the argument and me saving my typing fingers, let’s abbreviate the smallest denominator element to SDE..)

In the same way of thinking as the above it should be possible to arrange the SDE such that you get a product. You could create everyday items and even living organisms. This way you go past the 3D printers into the realm of the Star Trek materialising machines, but such that everything can be created can also be broken down.

If there is a way of rearranging the SDEs, the problem of waste material is a non-issue. Just convert everything back to the SDEs. Problems with supply of certain materials, like oil for petrol or lithium for batteries are also a thing of the past. One would just create the products they want out of the SDE.

The only thing that would be an issue is the energy that is needed to do the conversion. However the SDEs would be assembled or disassembled, a large amount of energy is needed to get the SDEs to change there relations to each other. Also forget not that if the above hypothesis is correct, the universe we live in would be essentially made of the SDEs and such that if you want to create a products out of the SDEs, the structure that the SDEs were forming before, will be destoyed.

Interesting material to think about as it also does make you realise that we are all part of the same thing. We cannot isolate ourselves from the “system” as we are part of it.. Everything we do, will have an effect, however small it is.



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