What solutions have already been found?

I often wonder what solutions to key issues that the world is encountering already exist but for some reason do not come to fruition on a large scale. Take the issue of plastic that ends up in the landfill. A Japanese company are selling machines that convert (most) plastic back into oil. What a genius idea! And their smallest machine can fit easily on any table. Just plug it in, put your plastic waste in there and a bit later you’ve got oil ready to burn..

Now if anyone now can build an equally small scale machine to turn the oil back into plastic and use it in a 3D printer we are a very long way into perfect recycling of our plastic products!

What else that we think is a problem has already got a solution being dreamt up somewhere on this tiny rock that we call earth? I’d like to know! Don’t you??


You tube video about the plastic recycling machine:


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