Is it really broken??

As an engineer I come across all sorts of products that I think are “broken”. A switch that you can’t reach if you’re not a contortionist, a machine that doesn’t have the slot big enough to put your coins in, a table that just doesn’t fit the chairs under it, holes in faces that do not have any reason for existing.. you name it..

As an engineer I also know that are a million and one good reasons why such things happen. It could be that I didn’t have the time frame to research something properly or I just didn’t have the proper info to start with. Or perhaps the design changed over the time frame and what I started out with had to be adpated to suit the current requirements but it was not cost effective to do over completely.

Anyway, I came across this talk on TED that nicely sums up why something could be “broken” and giving you possible reasons for it.. Enjoy!


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