Just a small part.

A little while ago I posted a video about the birth of ideas and how sharing of ideas plays a big roll in innovation. Especially when us human beings are getting so specialised in what we do.
That specialism is a scary thing in itself. It might even explain why so many strange products hit the market that make you scratch your head and think "who the heck thought that that was a good idea?". Perhaps we are losing track of the big picture? Whereas 30 years ago any bloke with an average technical skill set could pull apart a car engine and put it back together again, nowadays they are just too complex. Even when you do succeed in putting your pride aside, the mechanic in his shop will have to order a spare part from a foreign country because even he cannot fix it there and then.
No one has the overview any more and it is scary. I cannot design a product without having to be dependent on other people to supply me with the knowledge I need to make it all work together. The plastic case designer of a mobile phone has no idea what kind of electronics have to fit in the case. The electronics designer has no idea about the software that runs the hardware. How can a product be designed properly without anyone in the process having a full understanding of the whole thing? There is bound to be things obviously wrong with the end product, like the phone not having a proper reception when held a certain way. In retrospect perfectly explainable as no one person had the full understanding of the full product. Many people that worked on the phone "just didn't know" or did know but "it jus wasn't their job to pick it up".
Likewise our view on the world is also getting fragmented. In the past there was just your village to worry about. Or perhaps also the village on the other side of the river. The world was small and you knew everything about it. But now we are connected through communication networks with the rest of the whole world! So much information. What information is important? What is the correct information?
We are losing track of what is real. Of what is important. No that piece of meat that you ate for dinner yesterday was not made in a factory but used to be a living creature. Yes, the winner of the next Idol show will be richer but (s)he'd still be a human being with the same questions and desires that we have. And yes it is horrible that little kids are starving in other countries but should you not focus on what is directly around you first?
This world is a very exciting one to live in but I think we should somehow reach back to what is real. But how to do that when you are part of that mind boggling big thing where all of us just know one little bit? No one to grasp that full picture?
Perhaps it doesn't really matter?


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