Someone just had to do it didn’t they?

Of course.. It was only a matter of time..

With a range of 3D printers already developed it was only a matter of time before someone harnassed the power of a solid industrial robot to produce products this way..

Just for the readers out there who do not know what 3D printers are, they are in effect your standard desktop printer that many of us use to print out the odd email and such. The difference being that with these 3D printers a physical object is created in not just two dimensions but in three dimensions. Usually these printers achieve this feat by melting and depositing layers of plastic on top of each other to make the final product. But many other processes exist to come to the same end-result.

It seems that the smart fella who built the plastic squirting robot has somehow managed to get his hands on an industrial robot and is melting recycled plastic into a string that he then deposits to create chairs.

robot 3d printer

Following is an arty video of how the robot deposits the layers.

More information here


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