A good deed a day keeps the pain away..

During my normal run I came past a young couple sitting on a motorcycle. They were standing still by the side of the road and the guy who was sitting at the front was frantically trying to get the contraption going while expelling some rude words.. As I trusted that the guy had everything under control as after all he was a guy (sarcatistc tone used here..), I gave him a nod when I ran past them. But when I was 5 metres past them I heard him utter some words that included the word “..push..” so I turned around and I saw the young lady get off the back of the motorcycle and attempt to push the motorcycle along on the high heels she was wearing.. “Yeah.. that’s not going to work”; I thought by myself, so I ran back to them and offered my help by pushing the motorcycle along with both on it. The motorcycle kicked into life and off they went..

Now.. you might think just like my sweet and lovely partner that I did the good deed because I am just a good fellow that wants to help people. But in digging into it deeper and exploring my feelings during the run back home I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t find any other reason than I was being selfish.. Yep selfish..

According to Oxford Dictionary:

selfish – (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

The only two reasons for helping the young couple that I could come up with if I was completely honest are these:

  • I felt sorry for the young couple as I could put myself into their shoes.
  • I wanted that if I were in the same situation that someone would help me.

The first reason is selfish in the fact that I felt uneasy seeing these people struggle as I could imagine what it would feel like to be stuck with a mechanical beast that doesn’t want to budge by itself. I felt uneasy and didn’t want to feel that way. By helping them I could get rid of the uneasyness. The second reason speaks for itself.

So really I helped them for my own reasons for my own personal profit.

Perhaps it’s just how you look at it. In any case, doing good deeds benefit the individual, so they must benefit the greater community as a whole when everyone does them right? Or am I just over-thinking?


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