What the world would look like when you can actually build Concept Designs as they were meant to.

If you’re an avid car enthusiast you may have been frustrated with the fact that car manufacturers dream up all sorts of fantastic super cars with nice round shapes, all to have the actual production car look like a brick. Or worse, look like any other car.The concept has been taken by the manufacturer and taken to have a “reality” check done. Hard-to-make shapes will be deleted, standard parts of other cars will be used where ever possible etc etc. Thus ending up with the uninspiring brick that doesn’t even resemble the concept.

So what if you could manufacture a car exactly like you have visualised in your concept? Well.. Have a look at the following video.

The video shows you a real car and a car designed for a video game. Do you notice anything? The car looks exactly like its digital counterpart!! Wow! It’s not a production car of course.. but still, the technology behind it would allow you to produce these cars in larger numbers. Read on..

So how come these guys have been able to make a car exactly like their concept? The trick is to not manufacture it in the conventional way, but by using 3D printing technology. Well.. actually only the interior was made this way. But imagine if you were to print the all the parts of the car. With 3D printing you’re not restricted to any shape or form that you can make with traditional manufacturing methods like vacuum forming or injection moulding. You can make any shape you can think of..

Take it one further and you could design your very own car and have it printed. Of course there will be some issues with safety regulations as such but there is no reason why you couldn’t have your own customised interior right?

Or suppose that you’ve got an old timer sitting in your garage that is just sitting there.. Gathering dust and rust because you lack the original parts to replace the broken ones. Well.. just scan the parts in and have a brand new one printed! Howszat for an exciting new world?

Anyway, read more about the 3D printing part of the interior here: Link to Imaterialise



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