Something so simple, yet mind blowing..

Sometimes when you try to think of a solution to a problem, be it an engineering challenge or something in daily life, the solution often looks so simple in hind sight. You wonder why you hadn’t thought of it sooner, or why it was so hard to come up with.

Now, suppose that you wanted to show how animation works and you’d want to build something that embodies the 3D character of how we nowadays create our animations (by computer)? How would you do it? You can build a zoetrope that shows you in 2D how a drawn picture would come to life. A zoetrope has been around for a long time. It’s essentially a cylinder with slots you can peek through to the inside of the cylinder. The cylinder has got pictures drawn on the inside and when you spin the cyclinder these pictures seem to come to life and start moving. Similar to the doodles that you did in your notebook when you were bored in class. The ones where when you peel off the pages, your very own animation comes to life. But that only works in 2D..

Now, how would you create that 3D element in a zoetrope? Just watch the video that is embedded below and be amazed at what an amazing effect something so simple can have.

By the way.. All the characters are, of course, printed by a 3D printer!



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