Get out of the way! You’re holding us back!

This just peeves me off! Below is a video that a friend sent me of a combustion engine that should be lighter and more economical. Sure this guy is financed by Bill Gates, has just won innovation company of the year in the US, was head of R&D at VW and invented their first TDI engine as well as the R36. Or as the friend said who sent the link “he must know his shit”.

And he is right, right? Well my humble opinion is that I think they’re on the wrong track though..

Yes.. He would know his shit but I reckon these geezers need to make way for the new generation rather than rechurning the stuff their granddad made.. The average age of the guys who came up with it must be well in their 50s or 60s. They only rechurn the combustion engine because it is something that they know. They cannot think outside the box they have been living in..
Sure it’s a good idea. And impressive power to weight ratio.. But still loads of parts, grease, oil and seals in one of those.. And still ejecting exhaust fumes.
I reckon that the near future will not only be electric, but organic. Growing rather than building. Low maintenance. You’ll have techie wizz kids working on your cars rather than grease monkeys. Garages will be clean rooms. But that’s besides the point.

It’s guys like these that are holding back real innovation and hogging all the resources for it. It’s guys like these that have us still relient on coal and nuclear..
Bill Gates is behind it because he knows that money is to be made by making the increments in technology advances that are available to the public, very small.
You cannot buy computers that are equal to the current technology level because guys like Bill are trying to squeeze every penny out of us before they give us the next big thing.. It’s simple economics.
You just google videos with “kinect”. This little sensor is not high tech at all. And probably lurking around in the M$ labs for ages.. And now look at what is happening with this piece of technology that is released to the public! People are hacking the crap out of this and coming up with all sorts of amazing advances!

Sure, I know it takes a lot of money to bring a gadget like the Kinect sensor to the market. And that is a matter of numbers. Supply and demand.. All that..
But what peeves me off is that these guys are going the “safe” way. Investing their money in the next easy step because there is a definite profit to be made. Not because it is for the greater good at all.

What can I do? I am but a small fish in a big pond.. Can I make a ripple big enough to change the tide? Who knows.. Watch this space..


For more info on the motor: click here


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