Ideal venue for a video rental shop..

Think about it..
You’re waiting for your plane to depart..
Couple of hours to spare..

Hanging around on an empty airport.. Have seen all the shops already..
You have a laptop with Wifi but there is obviously only so much emailing and browsing that you can cope with.. And it’s mighty expensive..

What  if there was a little shop at the airport where you could have a movie uploaded to your laptop or pad. It would only be valid for 24hrs of course, but you have something to watch while you’re waiting. Perhaps even your favourite soap show episodes could be rented out..Or Discovery channel Shows..

How much would you want to spend for a movie to watch on your own device?


2 thoughts on “Ideal venue for a video rental shop..

  1. Not a bad idea at all, although the fact that all airlines now carry a huge array of movies probably defeats the purpose. Just try and list the ones you watched last night 🙂

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