A good sign the EV market is maturing.

It looks like the bigger players in this world of ours are actually catching on with the fact that there is something to be earned from selling Electric Vehicles to us mere mortals.


Siemens and Volvo are teaming together to progress the development of Electric Drives for Automobiles. Personally I think this is a match made in heaven and has the potential to grow into something big. Siemens with the skills and experience with making electric components and Volvo with making some of the safest quality cars in the world. This could well overtake the bigger American car companies in the next decade. That is, if countries like China don’t get into the swing of things and actually start developing their own for global distribution. Volvo and Siemens don’t make the cheapest products, but certainly quality ones. It’s up to the general public to decide whether they want to spend money for quality products. Unfortunately the mindset at the moment is that of the cheaper the better without any regard for quality.

Time will tell.

For more detailed reading: here.


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