Turtle Shell Racers promoting 3D printing in the real world.

If people do know what 3D printing is they often think that all the machines are good for are for printing trinkets like little whistles, working wrenches or paper weights. But a Designeer at Makerbot has made available on Thingiverse all the parts you need to print your own Turtle Shell Racer!


The Turtle Shell Racer reuses the electronic parts from other RC cars but all the structural parts can be printed including the Gears and wheel hubs. It demonstrates that real world solutions can be created with 3D printers that you can buy right now.
Not convinced? I’d like to see you sculpting a Turtle Shell Racer out of block of wood!

Read more here: LINK

Download the 3D files from Thingiverse here: LINK

How to salvage the RC parts for the Turtle: LINK


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