Toy safety should be common sense.

I’m all for people being on the lookout for potential dangerous toys, but I think some of them are taking it a bit far.. I’d like to point out the link to the W.A.T.C.H website here.



They list the above toy on their list of dangerous toys with the hazard as “HAZARD: POTENTIAL FOR HEAD AND OTHER IMPACT INJURIES!” and they have it on their list because there were no warnings on the packaging warning of said hazards.

Really?! So if you’re a human being and sane of mind, do you really need a warning label to state that your child could fall off these “low stilts” and injure themselves?? Isn’t that implied!!??

Let’s just sell 2 square metres of bubble wrap with each toy sold and have them wrap the child in it before play! Or do we need a warning label for that as well, regarding “Potential chocking hazard and possible addiction to popping the blisters”?

Jeez people.. Let’s be responsible for our own actions again shall we? Like in the good old days?


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