Good things take time.

We take things for granted.. We always want things here and now.. We have no patience any more.. Gone are the days of stop-motion films where every frame was pain stakingly reset every time by setting the arms and legs of the characters in a slighlty different position.
Or are they?

Below is a short film that is was commissioned by a chain of Mexican restaurants (Chipotle) in the USA to promote the sustainable ingredients they use. It was fully shot stop-motion and such that the whole thing was captured 100% in-camera in one sweep.


Just as a guess.. How long do you think that the film took to make?

Guess again.. It took about four weeks!! And if it weren’t for 3D printing it would have taken even longer! Watch the Making of the short 2 minute film next..

Hows thats eh?! Good things take time!


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