Believe it or not.

In science the common method of working is to setup a hypothesis and then devising a series of tests to see if the hypothesis stacks up. Most of the time it doesn’t, but then you revise the hypothesis and devise another series of tests that either proves or disproves the new hypothesis. And so on and so forth till you get a hypothesis that you can use as a proven theory to predict outcomes of situations.

In life you do the same thing, unconsiously. You believe something to be true and correct, like you believe that in Summer it is warmer than in Winter. Your experiences of temperatures are your series of tests that either prove or disprove your belief. Your experience is that indeed Summers are generally warmer than Winters so it proves your belief or your hypothesis to be true. You can use that to predict next Summer to be nice and warm.

The example of whether Summers are generally warmer than Winters is quite a black and white situation. However questions like “Is there a God” fall in a grey area. Humans seem to be pre programmed to find justifications in life to support what they belief in without necessarily based on objective facts. So not quite scientific at all.

Here is one of those hypothesis that I have personally at the moment that fall into that gray area.

People who say they are paranormally gifted and can talk to the spirits of people who have passed on do not really talk to the spirits of the deceased but are in fact reading the minds of the people they have left behind.

How have I come to this hypothesis? Well. I haven’t seen any proof in my life regarding the existense of any souls or spirits. However I have been to seminars where professional mediums (as they like to be called) and what I heard and saw I couldn’t quite explain myself. Assuming that they are not hoaxes, at least not all of them, I thought that there should be a different explanation. It always striked me that the medium would always tell the people in the audience that had lost a close friend or family member something that these people would already know. Never that he would tell them anything new. Perhaps something that they could go home and check up afterwards whether it was correct. Hence my hypothesis is formed on the bases that the medium is basing his stories on information that they receive from the people in the audience. And not from people who have passed on.
Mind reading is still a far fetched hypothesis and something that hasn’t be proven that humans can do, but at least it would be easier to believe than that the medium is talking to the spirits of people who are no longer alive.

One confirmation towards my hypothesis is the fact that a dutch tv show claims to have proven that a medium called Derek Ogilvie is a fraud.. They sent a reporter to one of his seminars and she made him believe that her Grandfather was dead but wasn’t.
Following the promo (in Dutch only unfortunately) for the program where Derek would have been “unmasked”.

To me that only proves the point that these people do not talk with the dead but are in actual fact mind readers.. Derek also claims to read kids’ minds which I think supports my theory as well. However.. Does he read the kid’s thoughts or perhaps the parents minds? I reckon that perhaps everyone has the mind-reading ability, only it is more prevalent in some..

But then one piece of evidence that counters my hypothesis is the below video of the same medium sitting through an experiment devised by James Randi. Mr Randi (skeptic and interestingly enough a stage magician so very skilled in illusions) awards US$1 million dollar to anyone that passes a test he has devised and who can demonstrate a supernatural or paranormal ability under agreed-upon scientific testing criteria.

This makes my hypothesis shake on its foundations as it disproves that the medium can contact the person (alive and well) using his mind reading skills.

So, do I completely revise my hypothesis? Probably not.. One swallow doesn’t make a summer or so they say. I’d like to see some more research about the possibility of mediums actually reading the minds of people.

If anyone knows of any hard scientific evidence, I’d be appreciative of any leads!


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