And 3Dsystems bring the 3D printer wheels in motion!

Mark my words, dear readers..Keep your eye on this company and remember the year 2012! It will be known as the year that 3Dsystems kick started the global 3D printing movement!


The Cube, 3D system’s 3D printer for the home.

Forget hobby companies like MakerBot, RepRap, and Ultimaker. 3Dsystems have a serious amount of resources behind them and have over the last couple of years been assimilating 3D printing related companies left, right and center. They have a plan and they are certainly sticking to it.

As you can learn from their brand new website they have put everything together into one cohesive package. They have the software for all major platforms and they are selling hardware for a price that undercuts just about any 3D printer currently in the market. And the 3D printer, even though quite small, is a very polished finished product. It even accepts plastic fillament cartridges that look to be able to be easily swapped.

Seriously.. If you have money to spare and looking for shares to buy. Buy 3D systems shares!


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