Tech Mashup.. The Hover Segway

Can somebody please mashup these two together?


The Segway everyone knows. It’s a self balancing wheeled transporter.

The Genie on the right hand side of the picture is the GENIE rocket system. See it in action here.

If we combine the two, we’d have a hovering platform for transport.. Closest thing to a hoverboard yet..


The hoverboard

Of course there is the flyboard but you’ll need water for that..


The Flyboard

Maybe a system with compressed air would do the trick? We know we can get the platform to stay stable, ie hover as in the GENIE. We just need propulsion.. Like air.. Propulsion in a can! 🙂 Noisy? Maybe..

Let me know when you’ve got it sorted and I’ll beta test it for you!



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