Life… What’s that about?

The biggest question that rules them all: “What’s my purpose in life?”

So far, no one has been able to conclusively answer that question.

But does it really matter what I do here on earth? I’ll die at some stage anyway.. The mortgage, debt, social pressures etc.. All figures of the human imagination that are making us unhappy and will dissapear as soon as I am gone..

Almost all movies, books and other literature are about finding your talents, finding your place in life, finding yourself, finding your other half. Such is the urge of the human race to find what we seek. Finding out what we are meant to do while we’re alive

People say that sitting in front of a television all day is bad for you. But what if doing that makes you happy?
Maybe you have seen the movie the Matrix where people are plugged into a machine and are being used as energy sources for another race while their brains are engaged in life in an artificially created environment.
In this world of ours people are actually plugging themselves voluntarily into an artificial world to get away from every day life. This artificial world is built up by the people who write books, make movies, sing songs etcetera.

Which brings me to an interesting point.. The people that build our artificial world, do they have a need to escape the same way as we do? Or are they happier as they pretty much always lives in their own artificial world?

Anyway. Does it really matter what we achieve in our short little lives? Perhaps if we just enjoy the time that we are here without worrying too much about where we think we should be going we would be happier. Sounds cliche and cheesy, right? But the more I think about the purpose of life I reach that conclusion that I shouldn’t be worrying about a purpose at all. The more I think about it, the more I think that there is no purpose. Just have to make the most of it.

Funny that reaching that conclusion took me 30 years of pondering. And probably will take me another 30 to actually act upon it!


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