The Martin Puffin Mashup for a personal flying suit.

So both Nasa and a Kiwi company are creating a personal flying device..
Cool.. Below the two approaches of the individual companies.
Nasa just has a concept, but Martin have got a flying prototype. 


Now.. I’m not an aeronautical engineer..ah wait.. I am.. 🙂 But anyway..

Could these two teams not sit together and come up with something practical together?

Nasa has the fully enclosed cockpit, but some mean looking contra rotating propellors that I wouldn’t want to get close to and probably noisy as anything. The craft is electrically powered though.

Then the Martin Jetpack has two nicely enclosed ducted fans, but the pilot is out in the breeze. And in true Kiwi petrol head fashion, this thing is carbon fueled..

Sooo.. what if they mash the two concepts together?
You’ll get:
An enclosed cockpit that keeps the pilot nice and toasty warm/safe and the ducted fans would be a nice way of increasing the efficiency of the (electric!) fans and enclose them in a safe shell and cutting down on noise.
Tadaa!! It’s not rocket science!

Yes I know, ducted fans might not be ideal for horizontal flight, but it’s a tradeoff between the various requirements.

So guys?? What about it?
Can you two work the details out together? Cheers! 
I can draw up a sketch for you if you’re keen?
My cut is only 25%! 

Some Vids for your viewing pleasure: 

Video of the Nasa Puffin (who came up with that name anyway!) suit:

Video for the New Zealand Martin jet pack:



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