The root of all evil.. GREED!

So, I’d like to vent something here..
Something that I am really agited with..
And displays the root of the global economic crisis at the moment!
And no.. I am NOT exaggerating! 

Imagine if you will that you go to the supermarket to buy a can of lemonade.
There is just one can left on the shelf.
You reach for that can on the shelf.
Almost there.
Then someone else, who is not thristy at all, snatches it off the shelf before you, goes and pay for it, and offers you the can to buy off him for 20 times the price he paid for it..!


Image courtesy: By See-ming Lee 李思明 SML

My story:

Just yesterday I got sight of the fact that the domain was becoming available again. Since I use “Dutch” as my middle name because my surname is unpronouncable in English I thought that this would be an awesome email address rather than my current one. has got a good ring to it. Nice!

So, with the aid of a clever website developer friend, I trawled the web to look into how to secure the domain name as soon as it becomes available.

Turns out domain names (*.nz), once expired, get put “on hold” for 90 days before they can in fact be registered by someone new. Fine.. All good..
So I saw that this domain was coming available by Saturday. At that moment it was Thursday. So I thought that all I had to do was to go online on Saturday and just register the domain to my name as soon as it became available.

Yeah.. Nah..
Turns out you have to be a bit more of a shark..
This particular website was hosted by a company that is called And it is in partnership with, let’s call it a “domain auction website”, People can bid on the domain to register it as soon as it gets released.
These websites have an automated script that auomatically tries to register the domain as soon as it gets “dropped” or in other words, released.
Well.. fine.. how many people would actually be interested in NZ to register the domain Can’t be that many right?
Plus, it seems that there are many of these other domain auction websites around. So my thinking was that if I didn’t win the auction on the ExpiredDomains site, I’d just try win on the other sites and I’d still have a chance..
So on Thursday I put in a low bid on the Expireddomains website and several other websites and went to bed.

This morning to my suprise I see that the domain has now in fact been transferred to someone else already! Before the Saturday deadline!
It seems that I had been outbid (only by a couple of dollars) on the Expireddomains website and since they have a special agreement they actually have first dibs on the domain in front of everyone else! So the bids I put in on the other websites won’t help me any more..
I didn’t get the domain.. 

Now.. the gentleman I am.. ahem.. I emailed the new owner of the domain to congratulate him on his new purchase…
Well.. really is was to see if he intended to use it. 
Then it turns out that the new owner is a guy that buys and resells domains to earn money! The other, third bidder in the auction was a company called A bigger company that earns money by also clipping the ticket buying and selling domain names!

So, to recap..
Silly old me wanted to have a domain name that is personalised to me. To use in my personal life.
THEN two parties SNATCH this domain name up while I would have been able to buy it for $25 AND they offer it to me to buy for what I can only imagine a figure that runs into the 100’s of dollars!

And yes, the new owner of the domain I emailed HAS said he would think about selling it to me! Because he had no intention of using it. Just making money off it!

I have been told that this is just how the world works..
Well.. Then I disagree with the fact that the world works at all! 
I believe that this kind of buying and selling without adding value and selling beyond value is what got us in the Global Economic Mess that we’re in at the moment!

Unfortunately it gets worse..
He specifically wrote me: “I’m only a small player in a big game” which to me tells me that his heart is in the right place, but he can’t see the forest for the trees..
Like most of us, he just does things because others do it..
I think that is the saddest part of the whole story.
As that means that humans are hard wired for this kind of behaviour and not easy to eliminate.

And events like the Global Recession are doomed to happen over and over again..

If anyone else got a rosier picture to paint, please do let me know!


2 thoughts on “The root of all evil.. GREED!

  1. Alas, nothing new here, isn’t that the way the whole world works whether you think it is a good or bad thing, whether you like it or not?Buy or make something you think someone else really really wants as cheap as possible and then sell it to them for as much as possible.

  2. Yes, it is indeed.I have much less of a problem though with people that actually create things or add value to products before selling them.Much more an issue with people who buy and sell with a huge markup without any sign of the product being any better..

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