Suggestion: pay-for-what-you-view model for cinemas.

When you are deciding whether to view a movie at the cinema you are relying on reviews and trailers to gauge how probable it’s going to be if you’re going to like the movie.

The reviews are done by people who have already seen the movie. They could be private individuals that have paid to see the movie or professionals who have been paid to see the movie. These people might not have the same taste that you have.
The trailers are made by the companies that made the movie and they are shorts that contain some of the best bits of the movie. Chances are that this condensing of the movie into a small time frame distorts reality a bit.
Basing your decision to go to a movie on these reviews and trailers could leave you dissapointed and perhaps even wishing you had spend your hard earned money on something else. So perhaps it is time to introduce a new model for watching a movie?


Image courtesy By atomicjeep

Suggested is a model whereby you pay for what you see. No payment is required as you head into the cinema theatre but you get handed a ticket that you keep with you till you leave the theatre. You only pay when you leave the theatre. You hand over your ticket to the casier and you pay for the movie as per usual..
But… You pay only for how much you have seen of the movie. Suppose that you walked out after only half of the movie has passed, you only pay half of the ticket price. So if you think the movie is just plain bad, you can walk out after 5 minutes and only pay for the 5 minutes that you have watched.
That sounds much fairer doesn’t it? Sure that it would be annoying if people walk out and have to pass in front of you, but it will only be more of an incentive for the movie companies that make the movies interesting right till the end.


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