Modular TV anyone?

So, I was just reading the posts at Engadget and the below TV set of Samsung popped up. Engadget says:

The Korean giant has developed a 21.6-inch, 1:1 ratio (“square” to us normals) display with a 5.5mm bezel that can be used to develop video walls, installations or 3D sculptures.


That got me thinking.. 

Why don’t we have TVs that are made up out of modular square segments AT HOME?
If I want a bedroom type TV then I can buy 4 modules and stick those together. In the family room I would have a slightly larger TV made up out of 6 modules for general viewing. Then if I want to watch a movie in the family room and would like a bit more viewing area, I could add the modules from the bed room to the ones I already have in the family room.
Suppose that there is a big sporting event on. Then I could take my 10 modules to the neighbours and if all neighbours do the same, we could build a humongous screen that we could watch the event on together! Or if I wanted to play a video game together with friends, we could also share and assemble our TV modules.
It would also allow me to buy a smaller TV to save money to start with and then if I have more money saved up, I could tag on more modules as time goes on.

Wouldn’t that be great?? 



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