What is right?

Funny how us human beings perceive things to be right or wrong..
Or rather, to be “generally accepted” and as the opposite “frowned upon”.


By EEPaul

Take the act of fishing for example. People go out fishing on their boats using rods with lines with hooks on the end. They catch a fish by catching a fish onto the hook and they haul them into the boat with great force. Then they either just toss them into a container to let them suffocate, or they hit them over the head to kill them.

Now, take the above apply that to say, pig farming.
Suppose that you have a farm with pigs running around and people would go into the pig pens on four-wheel drives and use barbed wired lassos to catch the pigs. As soon as they caught a pig by lassooing the pig with the barb wire, they would haul them onto the four wheel drive with great force. They would then dunk the pigs into a big container of water to suffocate them. Or they would just hit them on the head to kill them.

See what I did? Two similar scenarios, but different animals. Same methods of treating the animals though. So what makes us cringe when thinking about catching a pig with such means and suffocating a pig in water, but don’t bat an eye lash when these methods are applied to fish?

Just shows you that we all are taught the right and wrongs by our collective being and how easy it is to adopt a stance that is accepted by the large proportion of the population. What is really hard is to step outside this frame of mind and think of it differently.
Because then we could possibly be appalled by what we deem “generally accepted”…


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