Generation Grey.

The interweb is buzzing with the success of the erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” and how it could be responsible for a small baby boom.


ABC News is citing that since the largest spike in sales of the trilogy is in May 2012, the amount of new births in February 2013 could well be up from its normal rates during that time of the year.

The 50 shades novel is already coined by the UK telegraph as the best selling novel of all times with 5.3 million copies being sold at time of the published article. If only 10% of births could be atributed to the reading of this novel, that is an astonishing 530,000 babies that could be born as a direct result. That number would lend itself to being named a Generation by itself.

The wiki page on Generations includes various reasons for naming generations of babies being born. The most well known would be the Baby Boom as direct effect of World War II. Soldiers came back home from duty and returned to their partners after many years of service.

If indeed the novel will be made into a movie, the number of birth directly related to being exposed to the Grey Matter could explode as a movie reaches many more people than a book would.

So, to the future Anastasias and Christians out there who will be born in the months to come, at least you’ll know that your parents have done it by the book!

Link to Wiki: Generation Grey


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