FormLabs to reveal “revolutionary” new 3D printer.

The FormLabs website states that they are on the verge of unveiling a “revolutionary” new 3D printer.

From their website:


Low-cost, High-Resolution 3D Printing

Simple. Elegant. Powerful. Get ready to experience a revolution in desktop 3D printing. Coming September 26, 2012.

The dark picture on their website though can be hacked and made lighter to reveal the actual 3D printer.. Kinda..

It looks strangely familiar. It looks like a 3D printer that uses a UV cured resin.
Like the one here that has been collecting funds on Kickstarter.
Also here a short intro on the tech involved. The product gets pulled from the resin bath and essentially gets built upside down.

A short video of the process used follows.


Brand new startup Formlabs Inc. has raised $500,000 of what it plans as a $1.5 million initial funding round, federal documents show.

Formlabs was cofounded by Maxim Lobovsky and John David Cranor III who are both coming out of the MIT Media Lab. So quite a pedigree. But I cannot help but feel the reveal is going to be a letdown and wouldn’t quite upset the 3D printing world..

Let’s hope they add lasers.. Lasers make anything look cool! 


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