Continuous 3D FDM printing possible?

According to the blog article at, VoxelJet has figured out to 3D print continuously onto a moving build platform. This made me think, why can’t we make a desktop size 3D printer based on FDM tech that can do the same??

As per the below diagram that I quickly drew up, it should work well in theory.

Essentially, you put the X-Y plane that the extruder normally runs at on a 45 deg angle and make the build platform move sideways?
It seems that that is about all that there is to it. Sure your slicer software should be altered to slice at an angle and the supports should be put on an angle, but theoretically it can be done easily..

If someone could figure this out, there are two advantages:

  • You could print parts continiously. Makerbot has tried it but moved away from this. Their extruder still moved horizontally and the platform only moved when the part was finished.
  • You could print (theorietically) parts that are TALLER/ LONGER than your printer!!

What are you waiting for? Start inventing already!!!


2 thoughts on “Continuous 3D FDM printing possible?

  1. This Question is too good to be un-answered for nearly 2 years.
    Did no one gave it a trial with FDM?
    Of corse there are some problems that have to be solved but I can’t see a reason why it shouldn’t work!

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