Books.. words..end of human race..



Well.. It has been a while and in the meantime our family has grown by 1 gorgeous baby girl so have been preoccupied somewhat..

This entry is just a short observation.
I was in the local book store and looked at all the books on the shelf.
Then I thought about what was in all those books. And what information they conveyed.
Realising that the only thing that these books contain are letters that make words… that make sentences… and make a story, I was taken aback.. So many variations we can make with just 26 basic symbols of our alphabet..

Then I thought a little further..

The arrangement of those letters make the book a great read or a jumble of symbols. Someone has put these symbols together to form the story.. The difference between the random jumble and a good story is the writer..
And then there are the bad writers and the good ones.. Both write coherent stories using the symbols available in a language. But somehow the sequence they put them together makes it a good or bad story.
The difference is the skill of the writer..

But… Could a random process of putting symbols together end up with a literary masterpiece? A computer program that evolves the order of symbols to an outcome that pleases humans?

Could talent be overtaken by raw processing power at some point? No reason why not, right?


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