Steam punk.. A bold move for Napier?

So.. we live in a little town called Napier on the North Island of New Zealand. It has a nice climate, lots of vineyards, cafes etc. The town if unofficially the Art Deco capital of New Zealand. All fine and dandy.

However, because it is deemed the Art Deco capital, anything that doesn’t fit in the Art Deco mould doesn’t get accepted by the city council. For example, the city would not put in signs to major buildings in the city like the Museum or the Creative Arts Centre because it doesn’t fit the Art Deco style. But it hurts places like the Arts Centre as people don’t know it is there. Besides that, if it doesn’t fit in the Art Deco mould it doesn’t seem to get funding.

As a lover of science fiction and technology though this bothers me a bit. I’d like to see more funding going towards building for the future, not the past.

But what if there was something that could be the start to bending Art Deco toward the future?
Use your imagination.. What do you get when you combine Art Deco with new technology and science fiction?
Exactly! Steam Punk!

image Currently Oamaru down south has got a vibrant steam punk scene, but what if we could do it here? We could sneak this in as an extension of Art Deco. I am thinking about Steam Punk vehicles in the Art Deco parade. And Steam Punk parties during the night with fancy dress up. Steam Punk street parties.

If we do this correctly, we could slowly but surely squeeze this in without many people noticing too much. We just start on the fringes and slowly but surely displace some Art Deco and make way for a link to the future without discarding the Art Deco past.

We could have Steam Punk Art Deco buildings with awesome gizmos for sale. Theme park it even. Rockets, blimps, smoke, brass.. the works! Then we could grow towards events like Burning Man. Too big?

What do you think?
I’d say it is a perfect fit!


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