A changing world; no more careers.

A little discussion with regards to the RNZ podcast;


I always get very anxious listening to these kinds of podcasts. It is very clear that people who know what they’re doing are saying “Watch out, a tidal wave!!!” and the politicians who are comfortably floating around on their luxury yachts are saying “Meh.. It won’t be that bad..”
Point in case in the podcast.. Steven Joyce.. Major Douchebag..Excuse my French..
And that’s why people like Frances are seeing a gap appearing and are trying to fill it. The government might swoop in and get on the band wagon, if it is not too late by then.

Throughout the podcast I must have heard the term “Soft Skills” about 20 times.. And coming from “the industry” I am painfully aware that that indeed is where we are lacking.. I have worked with some very smart individuals, but they were completely impossible to work with. Same with some managers who were put in the position as part of their individual growth path, but were completely inappropriate in the role. As things change and change at faster rates, these people will lack the soft skills when they need to find another gig somewhere else.

What I do notice though, on the positive side, is that young people seem more flexible in their life choices and have better soft skills. This could be a result of them being young, but I believe their mindset in the light of how the world works is also different. Unfortunately we still have this old world educational system who tries to force them into pigeon holes and make life choices that would cement them into a direction for life.

“What do you want to be when you want to grow up” is a question that makes my skin itch. The best answer I think that a kid could give is “I dunno, but I will make sure I will be prepared for anything!”
And…Ugh.. Don’t get me started about the term “Career”.
Together with the term “Technologist”, these words could fill a house of horrors for me.
“Career” is the wrong term to use. It indicates a notion that you know where you are going. That it is static and that work is all that you live for.
A better term is “Life Journey”. It indicates a path that you are creating as you go. It conjures an image of the great unknown that you’re heading into and that you’ll have to equip for along the way. And it is more holistic in the sense that work is just a part of your life.

To close, I want to know who the kid in the start of the podcast was, who said he wants to be an “underwater bus driver”! He’s got the skills to be creative, think ahead and think outside the box! He is the kind of person that we need in this world!


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